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Home Contact Services Oregon Program SnapShot Data Disposal RansomWare

- Telecommuting - Remote Access - HIPAA Compliant - PC Hardware & Software Sales

- New Desktop Workstations - Servers - Laptops - Netbooks - PC Data Recovery and Data Transfer

- Repairs - Service - Upgrades - On-Site Service in Greater Central Oregon Area - System Integration

- Connectivity - Email - Post Office - Web Services - Backup Systems & Procedures

- Maintenance Agreements - 501 c 3 Non-Profit Program -  Custom Databases & Reports

Certified Computer Networking since 1986



MicroSphere has onsite network technicians ready to come to you for competent, cost-effective maintenance, upgrades, repairs or installations with minimal impact on your business.

One Call can Fix it All!


Think you have LOST DATA because of a Virus or Spyware attack?   STOP!!  Do NOT click anywhere on the screen with your mouse or keyboard.  The LESS you do now, the more likely it is we can retrieve your data!

In many cases, when you send your computer to the “other” guys with a problem, the repair normally includes wiping the hard drive clean and reinstalling the Operating System.  If you don’t have a current backup, you LOSE ALL YOUR DATA!  

Before you send your equipment off, bring it in & we’ll make a back-up for you and restore it when it returns.


With over 30 years experience it’s very likely the issue you have is one we’ve solved before!

Your EXISTING data is the most important part of your computer system.  It’s our goal to SAVE YOUR DATA and have it functioning on the computer system when our work is done.  That is true for all repairs, upgrades and/or new replacement computers.

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Virus & Spyware Repair

When you come to MicroSphere:

Virus & Spyware Repair

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Virus & Spyware Repair

Our Roots

Microsphere began in 1983 as a mail-order hardware manufacturing company.  Designing, building and selling add-on components for Kaypro CP/M computer worldwide were the main activities.  The personal computer was just a whisper of an idea at this time. As the Kaypro and other PCs evolved to grow with technology so did MicroSphere.  The company has kept pace with advances in technology all the while evaluating those advances for the best ways to use these tools in practical world of home and business.  We’ve added many features to our market focus since the beginning but our philosophy has never changed: To approach each job from the perspective of a trusted advisor who wants YOU to succeed!  We consider the computer to be a tool to allow you to be more productive in your business.

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