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On October 3, 2018, The HomeLand Security Agency which includes all Local, State and Federal Government Agencies are all now required to have at least a two factor encrypted VPN tunnel to use remote desktop.  Most Internet connections are now receiving multiple attacks to access your computers every day.

MicroSphere presents an affordable, powerful tool to protect your computers and data plus providing secure remote access.  Some of the features include:

1: Ultra secure, three (3) factor VPN for fast and secure remote access

2: Full monitoring and tracking of Internet traffic-incoming and outgoing

3: Blocking and notifications of Internet traffic to/from malware sites

4: Powerful dual wireless with 6X faster mesh for the whole office.

5: Workstation Internet traffic analysis with usage and applications

6: Ability to generate email notifications of a potential malware


7: Automatic daily updates of reported malware destinations

8: Meets current HIPAA recommendations for Internet monitoring

9. Protects your computer and data 24/7/365

10: No charges for security updates.

Sample report of 24/7 monitoring and blocking of Internet traffic to and from known malware sites

List of all computers that go to a specific website,  This example is going to Google.

DATE: 10/1/2018

Time: 12:30 AM

Computer in office attempting to send information:  Don’s Desktop

Intended Destination of Data:      Nigerian Lottery Winners

Example follows of report that can be generated by MicroSphere from incidents on any of your computers of attempted data transfer from your computer to the Internet that was prevented or blocked by the router.

Under normal circumstances resolution of the incident would require removal of a virus/malware running on the offending computer.

List of websites a single computer opens on the Internet

Protects your computer and data 24/7/365 with monitoring of all Internet traffic in and out of your system(s).