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Home Contact Services Oregon Program SnapShot Data Disposal RansomWare

Oregon Programs

State of Oregon programs are designed to assist the consumer who chooses energy efficient practices with Energy Tax Credits and electronic equipment disposal through the Oregon E-Cycles program.

What do I do with my old equipment?  

Don’t dispose of your old gear before wiping your hard drive clean.  Just running an erase program on your hard drive is NOT ENOUGH!   We use a program called “Kill Disk” which is a certified FBI data wipe process.  It conforms to the US Department of Defense clearing and sanitizing standards DoD 5220.22-M.

“Kill Disk” is reported to be the most secure Gutmann’s data destruction method.  Sensitive data is purged out forever; it is not recoverable, period!  This utility is highly recommended for hard and floppy drives, disks you want to dispose of, recycle, reuse, sell or donate.

The “Kill Disk” software is available at www.download.com or bring the equipment in to us and we’ll see that it gets wiped for a small fee.

MicroSphere is a participant in the Oregon E-Cycles program.  That means all computers built by us are in compliance with the Oregon E-Cycles Program and can be safely disposed of through this Oregon State sponsored program.  Click the above image to learn where you can recycle your old TV’s, Computers and Laptop computers.

Look for this sticker on any electronic equipment you purchase in Oregon .