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INSTRUCTIONS to obtain Aeroadmin:

Step 1:

     If you have AeroAdmin icon on your desktop screen go to Step 2.

If the blue/red AeroAdmin icon is NOT on your desktop, the MicroSphere technician will be happy assist you in downloading, installing the application and putting the icon on your desktop.

It is necessary to download and run the AeroAdmin remote access application.  Left clicking on  the ORANGE “A” on the right will download the app to your computer.

After running the app, it’s usually necessary to close the browser before you will see your IP/ID.

Go to Step 3:



Step 2:

    Launch AeroAdmin on your computer and give the MicroSphere Technician the IP/ID,


Step 3:

Once the MicroSphere tech receives the IP/ID the window below appears on your screen, you will be instructed to check the box stating “I confirm I know this technician and trust him”.  Then you must also click your mouse on the green “Accept” button.

AeroAdmin is a top rated remote support program.

MicroSphere has purchased licenses for full functionality and unlimited support.

Download AeroAdmin


AeroAdmin.exe Download AeroAdmin  By Clicking Here AeroAdmin.exe