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Bend, Oregon 97702  USA


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** We have tools in-house to make the data transfer

 and setup EASY and cost effective!!  Yes, it can be done!

NEW Desktops - Workstations

Stand Alone

Windows 7, 8, 10

Yes, we still support XP too!

Servers - Tower/Rack Mount

Server 2008, 2012, 2016

MicroSphere has built competitively priced desktop computers and servers from the component level for over 30 years.  Our systems have a reliability factor over 20 times higher than the industry average!


 We offer products with proven performance, reliability and value.

As an independent computer source, we have the flexibility to choose the best products for the job that needs

to be done.

  Laptops    Desktops

Servers     Monitors

Keyboards    Mice

Scanners   Printers

    Cables    Extenders





What to expect with a MicroSphere built computer:

  1.  First Class Components tested for compatibility; individually

         selected for functionality, upgradability and durability

  2.  Super Quiet to Silent Operation

  3.  Exceptional Life, Performance and Value

  4.  Tech Support in Bend, Oregon

  5.  No “Bloatware” - a general term for “trial, demo, teaching”

         software added to new systems by most large manufacturers

  6.  Detailed list of actual components used to build your computer

  7.  Three (3) year hardware warranty for NEW computer systems

         built by MicroSphere

  8.  Custom hardware configurations a specialty

MicroSphere conducts our own in-house product testing to ensure component compatibility, high performance and reliability making your investment

cost-effective and reliable.

MicroSphere is an authorized source for multiple software vendors including Microsoft, Adobe, Intuit, Internet Security programs.

We sell, install and configure software including license activations.