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Custom Desktops

Every desktop computer at MicroSphere is built by hand in our office and is tailored to fit your needs!  Together we’ll select the components and software to give you the fastest and most stable system in your price range.

Sometimes newer is NOT always better…. Maintaining part of the existing infrastructure may be the best solution.

“I install and maintain our accounting software all across the United States.  The MicroSphere network is among the fastest and most stable I have used!”   

Jim Tiller, RAMS Software

Building A MicroSphere Desktop, Server or Workstation

MicroSphere makes it possible to order a computer just the way you need it. Eliminating unneeded parts, software and features allows the computer to run faster and be more reliable. MicroSphere does NOT install demo and trial software and other fluff programs.  

Our background in designing and manufacturing computer components for Kaypro CP/U computers gave us an understanding and ability to select, test and manufacture a quality, reliable PC computer.   Our reliability rate is 20 times better than the industry average!  Call or stop by the office for the specifics of what we build.

 What Quality Means to Us:

Walter Mossberg, Wall Street Journal, April 5, 2007...speaking about the various new computers he reviews (obviously NOT a system from MicroSphere!):

“The first day of owning an expensive new gadget should be a pleasure, not a hassle....I rediscovered recently, often what you’re forced to do is to spend hours as a digital maintenance man wading through annoying and confusing chores...the plethora of teaser software and advertisements for products that must be cleared and uninstalled to make way for your own stuff....the confusing welter of security programs you have to master and update....”